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9 Types of Online Yoga Classes – Updated Info In 2023

Online yoga classes have become popular as people choose to practice yoga from the comfort of their homes. There are numerous class options focusing on different styles of yoga. You can choose one depending on your goals and experience with yoga. Here are nine types of online yoga classes:

1. Hatha Classes

These classes focus on the Hatha style of yoga. This is a gentle, slow-paced style that focuses on holding poses, breathing techniques, and meditation. The class can help reduce stress, increase energy levels, strengthen your body, and boost your flexibility. It’s a great option for people new to yoga or experienced individuals looking for a more relaxing yoga experience.

2. Restorative Classes

These classes focus on restorative yoga, a meditative and relaxing style that involves holding poses for a long time. This can promote deep relaxation, ease tension and anxiety, and improve sleep. These classes may involve using props like bands, bolsters, and blocks to support your body.

This style of yoga can be done via online yoga classes or in-person classes. The props make it easier for individuals to hold positions comfortably for several minutes at a time. Restorative classes are good options for people who want to unwind and recharge.

3. Vinyasa Classes

Vinyasa classes focus on synchronized breathing and flowing movements. You’ll move through a series of poses linked together by breathing exercises, thereby creating a continuous and fluid flow.

These classes can help you build strength, boost flexibility, reduce stress, and improve cardiovascular fitness. They’re a great option for people looking for physically challenging classes that also incorporate yoga’s meditation and mindfulness aspects.

4. Kundalini Classes

Kundalini classes focus on meditation, chanting, and breathing exercises to release the kundalini energy trapped in the lower spine. They can promote physical and mental well-being as they involve the body and mind.

The classes are a good choice for people interested in the spiritual aspects of yoga and those looking to connect with their inner selves. They can improve one’s willpower and intuition.

5. Ashtanga Classes

Ashtanga classes follow a sequence of poses, each held for several breaths. The classes can start with a series of sun salutations and move on to standing poses, seated poses, and inversions. Your instructor may recommend individual sessions if you choose these classes, as they require individualized instruction for proper practice and alignment.

With proper instruction, you can build strength, endurance, and flexibility. Ashtanga classes are ideal for experienced yogis as they require high flexibility and strength. You can ask your instructor to modify exercises if you’re a beginner interested in the classes.

6. Iyengar Classes

Iyengar classes focus on precision in each pose. They’re conducted by professional instructors as there’s a need for the proper alignment of the hips, shoulders, and spine. Students hold poses for long periods during these classes, making them ideal for building strength and endurance.

The classes typically involve props like straps and blocks to help achieve proper alignment. Iyengar classes are suitable for people at all levels, including beginners and people with limitations or injuries, as the props make exercises easier.

7. Yin Classes

Yin yoga classes focus on surrendering into each pose to help the body release tightness and tension. They typically take place on the floor, with instructors providing guided meditation or breathing exercises to help students relax. The classes can help reduce stress, improve circulation, and boost flexibility. They’re ideal for people at all yoga proficiency levels as they’re slow-paced.

8. Power Yoga Classes

Power yoga classes focus on working up a sweat and building strength and endurance. A typical power class will involve moving quickly through a series of poses to increase your heart rate. These classes are suitable if you’re looking for a challenging workout to help you build cardiovascular endurance.

9. Acro Classes

These classes combine gymnastic training and yoga to boost students’ flexibility and strength. They require one to work with a partner to help with elevated poses. Acro classes are suitable for intermediate and advanced yogis as they can be challenging for beginners.

Enroll in Online Yoga Classes

Online yoga classes come in various types, each with its unique style and level of intensity. Consider your yoga proficiency and goals when choosing a class to enroll in for the best results. Yoga can improve mental well-being and boost flexibility, strength, and endurance.

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