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What Is The Worst Anime? || Top 10 Worst Anime Of All Time

Anime has captivated millions of fans worldwide with its unique storytelling, art, and cultural blend. However, not all anime is created equal.

Some are considered masterpieces, while others are downright terrible. Some are so bad that they become infamous, leading to the question: what is the worst anime of all time?

The answer is anime, based on their low ratings, poor storytelling, unlikable characters, subpar animation, and inconsistent worldbuilding, is rated as the worst anime. Mars of Destruction, Pupa, and Skelter Heaven are a few examples of the worst anime ever.

This article will take you through the top 10 worst anime of all time. We will discuss why they are considered the worst anime, and I will also explain their story plot to dig deep.

Top 10 Worst Anime of All Time

1. Mars of Destruction

Mars of Destruction
Source: Youtube

Mars of Destruction is an OVA (Original Video Animation) released in 2005. Adapted from a video game, this anime is infamous for its poorly executed storytelling and subpar animation.

The plot revolves around an alien invasion from Mars and a group of teenagers who must don high-tech armour to save Earth. This cliche-ridden story is executed with terrible pacing, lacklustre character development, and confusing plot elements.

The animation quality is consistently low, with jerky movements, light backgrounds, and a severe lack of detail. The character designs are generic and unmemorable, which makes it difficult for viewers to invest in the story. It also detracts from the whole experience when the soundtrack and voice acting are both so bad.

2. Pupa

anime pupa
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Pupa, released in 2014, is a horror anime with a grotesque and disturbing premise. The story follows a brother and sister infected with a virus that turns them, monstrous creatures.

The sister must consume human flesh to survive, and the brother, immune to the virus, becomes her primary food source.

The anime had the potential to be an intense psychological horror, but it fell short due to weak character development, confusing storytelling, and a rushed narrative.

With only 12 episodes running at just four minutes long, the series struggles to convey any depth or emotion. The excessive gore and disturbing themes can be off-putting for many viewers.

Pupa has been heavily criticized for its lack of substance, making it one of the most disappointing horror anime series ever.

3. Skelter Heaven

Skelter Heaven, an OVA released in 2004, is another creation from the team behind Mars of Destruction. This anime is infamous for its awful animation, absurd story, and flat characters. The plot centres on a squad of female soldiers who command mechs to protect Earth from an alien invasion.

Skelter Heaven suffers from a disjointed narrative, making it difficult to follow the story or understand the characters’ motivations.

The animation quality is abysmal, with jerky movements and an inconsistent art style. Furthermore, the characters are one-dimensional and forgettable, diminishing any emotional investment in the story.

Overall, Skelter Heaven is an abysmal anime that exemplifies how not to create a compelling or entertaining series.

4. Garzey’s Wing

garzey's wing anime
Source: imdb

Garzey’s Wing is a three-episode OVA released in 1996. Despite being directed by Yoshiyuki Tomino, the creator of the legendary Gundam series, Garzey’s Wing is a colossal failure.

The story follows Chris, a young man transported to a magical world called Byston Well, where he becomes the legendary warrior Garzey.

The anime suffers from a convoluted and confusing plot that is difficult to follow—the subpar animation quality, with stiff character movements and lacklustre battle scenes.

Additionally, the characters are underdeveloped and unpleasant which makes it impossible for viewers to care about their quest.

The voice acting, particularly in the English dub, is notorious for its awkward delivery and unintentionally hilarious dialogue.

5. Dark Cat

Dark Cat is a horror OVA released in 1991. The story follows two brothers with supernatural powers who fight against evil spirits and demons. Despite having an interesting premise, Dark Cat fails to deliver a cohesive and engaging narrative.

The animation quality is substandard, with inconsistent character designs, jerky movements, and little visual detail. The plot is confusing, with numerous plot holes and unexplained events that leave viewers unsatisfied and poorly developed characters with frequently ambiguous motives.

Dark Cat’s mix of horror, action, and supernatural themes had the potential to create an exciting and atmospheric anime experience. However, its lack of coherent storytelling, poor animation, and unlikable characters make it a frustrating and forgettable watch.

6. Psychic Wars

Psychic War is a prime example of an anime that fails to live up to its potential due to poor storytelling, unlikable characters, and underwhelming animation.

Psychic Wars is an OVA released in 1991, based on a manga by Yasuaki Kadota. The story revolves around a surgeon discovering an ancient malignant tumor inside a patient. After its removal, the surgeon gains psychic powers and is thrown into a battle against supernatural forces.

Despite its intriguing premise, Psychic Wars suffers from poor execution. The plot is rushed and disjointed, with numerous plot holes and inconsistencies that detract from the viewing experience.

The animation is mediocre, with stiff movements and unimpressive action sequences. Additionally, it is challenging to care about the destiny of the characters because they are flat and lack depth.

7. Generation of Chaos

Based on the same-named video game series, Generation of Chaos is an OVA from 2001. The story takes place in a fictional world where several kingdoms are battling for dominance. While the premise holds promise, the anime falls short of delivering a coherent and engaging narrative.

The plot is convoluted and confusing, with too many characters and subplots crammed into a limited runtime—the subpar animation quality, inconsistent character designs, and lacklustre action scenes. The characters are poorly developed and difficult to relate to, diminishing the viewer’s interest in the story.

Generation of Chaos is an unfortunate example of an anime adaptation that fails to capture the essence of its source material, resulting in a confusing and unsatisfying viewing experience.

8. Hand Shakers

Hand Shakers is an example of an anime with an interesting concept that falls flat due to poor execution in storytelling and animation.

It was released in 2017 as an action-fantasy anime with a unique premise. The story centres around pairs of individuals known as Hand Shakers who must battle each other to fulfil their desires. While the concept is intriguing, the anime is plagued by numerous issues.

The animation quality is a major point of contention, with a heavy reliance on CGI that often clashes with 2D animation. The character designs are overly stylized, and the action sequences are often disorienting due to erratic camera work.

The story itself is convoluted, with an overabundance of plot elements that make it difficult to follow. The characters are one-dimensional, and their motivations are often unclear, making it hard to become invested in their struggles.

9. Eiken

Eiken, released in 2003, is a two-episode OVA based on a manga by Seiji Matsuyama. The story follows a high school student named Densuke who joins the mysterious Eiken Club, populated by overly-endowed female characters.

While intended to be a comedic and ecchi series, Eiken is widely criticized for its excessive and distasteful fan service.

The animation quality is mediocre, with inconsistent character designs and little detail. The story is thin and largely serves as a backdrop for the abundance of fan service, which often feels gratuitous and uncomfortable.

It’s challenging to care about the antics of the characters because they don’t undergo deep character development.

Eiken’s reliance on fan service at the expense of storytelling and character development has earned it a place among the worst anime of all time.

10. Vampire Holmes

Vampire Holmes, released in 2015, is a mystery anime that centres around the titular character, a vampire detective who solves supernatural cases. Despite its intriguing premise, the series falls short in nearly every aspect.

The animation quality is subpar, with stiff character movements, light backgrounds, and lacklustre action scenes. The story is poorly executed, with an inconsistent narrative that makes it difficult to follow the cases and their resolutions.

The characters are one-dimensional and uninteresting, with the protagonist, Vampire Holmes, being particularly unlikable due to his apathetic demeanour.

Vampire Holmes is a prime example of wasted potential, as the unique concept could have made for a compelling and entertaining anime.

Final Thoughts

The top 10 all-time worst-rated anime series are a testament that not all anime can be masterpieces. These series suffer from various issues, including poor storytelling, unlikable characters, subpar animation, and inconsistent worldbuilding. While they may not be enjoyable for most viewers, they remind them of the importance of quality in creating a memorable and engaging anime experience.

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