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Make Every Transfer Count: Win Big with ACE Money Transfer’s Exclusive Giveaways for Filipinos

Have you ever thought how powerful your money transfer to Philippines could be in moulding aspirations and empowering lives?

The resilient and courageous people of the Philippines are no strangers to adversity and hardship. They work to give their loved ones, both near and far away, a better future since they are a community with strong family values. 

Recognising the importance of these ties and the vital role remittances play in the lives of Filipinos, ACE Money Transfer is pleased to offer an exceptional 3-month campaign, particularly for its Filipino customers.

This giveaway offers a wide range of prizes to both remittance senders and receivers from June 1, 2023, through August 31, 2023. Participants have the possibility to win the highly desired iPhone 14 Plus or a brand-new Honda Click 160 motorcycle in addition to fee-free transfers.

The firm typically comes up with enticing reward campaigns alongside the best services for its expat customers to ensure customer satisfaction. This time around, they’ve decided to offer not only FEE-FREE transfers with rewards for senders but also for the recipients of remittances.

So, keep reading to learn everything related to this campaign here; and if you still have any questions, you can contact ACE Money Transfer’s customer support to get the best possible answers.

Unleashing the Power of Remittances: A Catalyst for Change

Remittances have long been crucial to the lives of Filipinos, acting as a lifeline for families, funding education, and fostering economic development. Recent statistics show that remittances to the Philippines totalled 9.3% of the GDP, emphasising the enormous influence of the hard-earned money of OFWs.

ACE Money Transfer understands the significance of each transfer and its power to change lives in these difficult circumstances. The three-month campaign aims to increase the impact of remittances by delivering exciting prices that can improve the lives of both senders and receivers in addition to fee-free transfers.

ACE Money Transfer Empowering Dreams

At the heart of this extraordinary campaign is ACE Money Transfer, a trustworthy remittance service that understands Filipinos’ needs and goals. With its safe and practical platform, ACE Money Transfer has established a reputation for dependability, honesty, and effectiveness in conducting international transfers.

ACE guarantees that every remittance reaches its intended recipient quickly and safely, thanks to its extensive network of reliable partners.

The Convenience of Free-Free Transfers

ACE Money Transfer exhibits its dedication to maximising the value of each and every hard-earned peso sent by Filipinos by giving fee-free transfers throughout the campaign period. These fee-free transfers allow senders to support their families back home without having to pay any extra money, allowing them to maximise their remittance and offer even more assistance to their loved ones.

If you wish to compare different methods of sending remittances to the Philippines, you can learn more here.

For the Senders: iPhone 14 Plus – Elevate Communication and Strengthen Bonds

ACE Money Transfer thinks it is important to thank its users for their support. Senders of remittances have the opportunity to win the iPhone 14 Plus, one of the most anticipated gadgets of the year, as part of the promotion. 

This state-of-the-art smartphone is not just a status symbol; it’s a gateway to staying connected with loved ones, no matter the distance.

Imagine how happy you would be to give money to help your family achieve their goals and then receive an iPhone 14 Plus in return. The way senders communicate with their loved ones will be revolutionised by this famous device’s innovative capabilities and unique features.

The iPhone 14 Plus brings families closer together by filling the gaps caused by physical distances, whether it be through video conversations, sharing priceless moments, or working together on crucial decisions.

For the Recipients: Honda Click 160 Motorcycle – Empowering Mobility and Expanding Horizons

Remittances have the ability to improve people’s lives individually in addition to supporting families. As a testament to this belief, the campaign offers recipients of remittances the chance to win one of three brand-new Honda Click 160 motorcycles.

More than just a mode of transportation, these sleek and powerful vehicles stand for freedom, movement, and the capacity to pursue chances outside of one’s immediate surroundings.

Winning a Honda Click 160 motorcycle can be a life-changing experience for a deserving recipient. It opens up avenues for exploration, improves access to education and employment opportunities, and empowers individuals to take charge of their future.

With increased mobility, recipients can overcome geographical barriers, expand their horizons, and embrace new possibilities.

Learn more about this promotion on its Terms & Conditions page.

Making Your Transfers Count– Entry Instructions

It is simple and easy to take part in ACE Money Transfer’s exclusive giveaway campaign. You can increase your chances of winning an iPhone 14 Plus or a brand-new Honda Click 160 motorcycle by taking a few easy steps.

Create an Account on ACE

Open an account with ACE Money Transfer if you haven’t previously done so. Since the registration procedure is simple and quick, you can get started initiating your transfers right immediately.

Send Remittance to the Philippines

Use ACE Money Transfer to send money to your loved ones in the Philippines between June 1, 2023, and August 31, 2023. Make the most of your remittance by using fee-free transfers. Keep in mind that ACE has a hundred-plus receiving corridors, but the giveaway is only valid for transactions to the Philippines. 

Nominate a Family Member or Loved One

As the sender, you have the option of selecting a relative or close friend as the receiver of the Honda Click 160 motorcycle. Pick a deserving recipient who will gain from the improved mobility and opportunities it provides.

Stay Connected

Keep an eye on ACE Money Transfer’s website and social media channels for updates and announcements regarding the giveaway. Make sure to follow the instructions and guidelines provided to ensure your entry is valid.

Final Thoughts

Remember, every transfer you make during the campaign period increases your chances of winning. Make your transfers count, and you could be the lucky winner of an iPhone 14 Plus or the proud sender who nominates a deserving recipient for the brand-new Honda Click 160 motorcycle. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity, and start sending money with ACE Money Transfer today!

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