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Why You Should Choose Cox?


The word “Internet” in modern day is very familiar to everyone because internet has played a significant role in shaping our lives. What users demand the most is a good internet connection If you are planning to move to Florida and you get to know that your favorite internet provider is not available in your area.

What would you do then? Well in that case, I am sure you won’t opt for local home internet service provider and what if I say I have the best replacement for your favorite home internet service provider and that is none other than but Cox Internet because Cox is the only broadband network who has never compromised on the quality of service they provide to the users.

Cox is currently serving in 19 states and has served millions of people with their premium internet service, actually not just the internet but Cox has been an all rounder in the league as they are up with 3 other service apart from the internet like Cox Phone, Cox Homelife Security, Cox Contour TV.

Why Cox and not others?

The reason would be very simple as Cox has gained the trust between the user by giving them maximum advantages and if we talk about their most used service, the internet. Cox Internet has been one of the major reasons for users to build a trust and if we talk about the internet, Cox offers multiple package of their internet to accommodate user so that the consumer should have the right to choose the best bundle for them.

Packages – Internet

Cox has 5 different packages to offer, depending on the usage of an individual.

Go Fast

Cox offers its basic package named ‘Go Fast’ where user can get up to 100mb per second, if you love watching unlimited memes then the package is only for you because it will give you almost unlimited data.

Go Faster

Go Faster comes with up to 250mbps of download speed where users can enjoy their time watching movies or if they even want to download them. Every package comes up with almost same perks.

Even Faster

The third package I would say is the hot favorite in town because of the crazy speed it gives to its user as it allows them to download anything up to 500mbps. If you are series freak, then this package would definitely be a deal breaker for you.


The package is basically the premium package by Cox Communications and it offers their user of almost 1gbps of download speed, so if you are a pro gamer and love playing Team Deathmatches with a stable connection, then this package will surely be your favorite.

Beyond Fast

Beyond Fast is the newly launched package by Cox Communications as this is supposed to be the most premium package. The tier is still not available in most parts of the state but will be available soon. If you are having the coverage and if beyond fast is in your area, what are you waiting for?

After having a look, you now need to decide what choice would be the perfect for you because Cox not only offers you internet but it offers you amazing Homelife security too because obviously if you are migrating from your city to Florida, you at least need your home to be secure, right? You need to sit and relax because Cox offers you one of their premium service and that is Cox Homelife Security.

Now, what is a Cox Homelife Security?

Cox Homelife is a secured system designed for the user which include a doorbell, an HD camera and most important, Cox Wi-Fi, if you are not a Cox user, what you’re gonna need is a Cox Internet Package and after that, you will have to pay some amount to buy an HD camera and a doorbell and after that you have to pay for nothing but enjoy because if you’re going out, you can keep an eye on your house. Wouldn’t that be great?


My final verdict would be for your ease because if you are comfortable in hiring any local provider and their services and if you want to call your network provider to fix your internet daily, you are good to go, but if you are really tired of your connection being unstable and want a good ISP, then Cox Communications is your only place to deal.

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