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What Is Corporate Housing?

Finding a place to stay while on business trips should not mean sacrificing comfort. Corporate housing offers convenient and comfortable accommodation, making them a great alternative to hotels. Renting temporary housing will provide value for money and allow you to experience home-like comfort.

What Is Corporate Housing?

Corporate housing is fully-furnished houses, apartments, or condos for traveling corporates or businesspeople. These units are located in urban centers near business districts and can be rented for short- and long-term leases.

Corporations enjoy the comforts of a home due to amenities like functional kitchen appliances, bedrooms, and living areas.

Standard features of temporary housing that make them ideal for corporate personnel include:

Fully-Furnished Units

Unfurnished apartments can be unpleasant, and buying new furniture for temporary stays can be expensive. Temporary housing units come fully furnished, allowing guests a comfortable and pleasant experience.

The apartments have elegant décor and luxury furniture to match your lifestyle. Some facilities offer eco-friendly products to promote sustainability and encourage healthy living.

The kitchens in corporate apartments come fully equipped with appliances and necessary cooking utensils. This allows you to cook comfortably during your stay if you would like. Other amenities include closets, vanities, and showers, so you only need to move in and enjoy your stay.

Access to High-Speed Internet and Cable

Business personnel often carry their office work home, so the temporary housing also serves as a workplace. High-speed internet can help guests work efficiently at the residence during their stay.

The connectivity can also allow them to stay in touch with their family and friends back home. Guests also enjoy access to cable TV in temporary housing, allowing them to continue their favorite TV shows while away from home.

Flexible Leasing Terms

While many business trips have a definitive time frame, operation hiccups may force corporates to extend their stay. Corporate apartments allow flexible lease terms to help accommodate your needs.

They offer month-to-month leasing contracts, allowing you to adjust your stay based on your needs. Corporate housing can also suit people considering longer-term stays with the standard year-long rental agreement.

On-Site Parking and Access to Convenient Locations

Business districts are high-traffic regions, so it can be challenging to get parking facilities. Temporary housing with on-site parking can help you access safe and secure space for your car.

Corporates can easily access their areas of interest from temporary housing since the units are conveniently located within business districts.

The central location is close to public transportation, making commuting to meetings and conferences easy. Easy access to shopping centers, restaurants, and entertainment joints can help them unwind after a hard day’s work.

Round-the-Clock Security and On-Site Management

Valuables you carry on business trips, such as clothes, jewelry, and electronics, must remain protected. Temporary housing is located in secure neighborhoods and can help safeguard your valuables.

Many apartments have state-of-the-art locks and surveillance systems that prevent unauthorized entry and allow remote monitoring. In some apartments, security guards at the door can help keep your premises secure.

On-site management in many corporate apartments helps ensure guests get assistance when needed. Property management experts organize in-unit laundry services to help guests clean their clothes, linens, and towels.

If the guests encounter an issue, they can work with management to get immediate help. This makes sure guests enjoy a safe and hassle-free stay during the business trip.

Functional Services

Due to their busy schedules, many business personnel may have difficulty finding time for shopping or other duties. Some corporate apartments include functional services like housekeeping, which gives you more time to shop before relaxing at home.

Recreational Amenities

Besides work, guests should be able to relax and enjoy their stay. Corporate apartments can have recreational facilities that allow guests to exercise and relax. Some amenities include fitness centers, swimming pools, game rooms, and outdoor spaces.

Well-equipped and maintained recreational facilities enhance the guest’s experience, allowing them to stay active while away from home.

Reserve Short Term Corporate Housing:

Corporate housing is ideal for traveling corporates and business personnel, allowing them to enjoy a home-like feel away from home.

The fully-furnished apartments offer you immense comfort during your stay. You’ll also enjoy flexible leases to fit your needs. Reserve a short-term corporate apartment for an unforgettable experience.

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