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SEG Frame — mobile frame system

In today’s world, the use of textiles in the creation of advertising stands has become an integral part of implementing a successful marketing strategy. Now a new technology has emerged in the field of advertising constructions – the SEG Frame mobile frame system. It is an innovative solution for exhibition stands and other types of advertising.

System features

One of the key differences of SEG Frame https://novodek.com/products/seg-frames/ is the use of a narrow profile (40 mm) and the absence of internal backlighting, which allows to significantly reduce the cost of production of the structure. SEG Frame, which was initially positioned as a premium representative of quick-assembly frame systems, is becoming more affordable thanks to modern technologies.

The basic principle of assembly of the SEG Frame system is based on clamping eccentrics, which are characterised by strength and reliability. Modules with dimensions of 50×225 cm and 100×225 cm can be easily assembled in a line to form a wall of any length, and can also be installed at right angles to create angular and U-shaped advertising structures. Bright LED lights are available to illuminate long walls.

Freestanding modules with widths of 50 and 100 cm fit perfectly into the advertising concept of clothing shops and other premium retailers. Long stands are considered an excellent solution for car dealerships and shopping centres. Corner and U-shaped designs offer the opportunity to create exhibition stands that are inexpensive and quick to assemble.

SEG Frame is not limited to standard configurations and allows to build complex exhibition components.

SEG Frame manufacturing technology

This mobile type frame system is designed for stretching textile graphic webs. In accordance with the specifics of the technological process, the image is printed on the fabric. A silicone tape is sewn onto the fabric at the edges. This is how SEG canvases are created. The design of the profile, made of aluminium with a special groove for placement, allows the fabric to be evenly stretched around the perimeter thanks to the silicone tape.

Assembly of the frames is easy and without the use of improvised tools, thanks to the eccentric clamps located in the corners. With the help of special connectors it is easy to connect the frames in a line or at an angle of 900, creating a variety of configurations of different scales. The graphic canvases can be stretched separately on each frame or seamlessly over several frames, as required.

This system solves many of the problems associated with standard magnetic Pop-Up stands and also has undeniable advantages. Among them:

  • absence of seams on the graphic canvas;
  • increased resistance to damage during transport and installation;
  • quick and easy installation of stands;
  • light weight and compact design.

SEG Frame is an advanced solution for effective and visually attractive advertising. The technology opens up new opportunities for creating unique exhibition spaces.

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