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How To Choose Glasses That Match Your Style

Choosing glasses that match your style is about understanding your skin tone, wardrobe, face type, and personal preferences. Leading eyewear brands offer various options, from tortoise shell glasses to aviator, cat-eye, square, rectangular, geometric, and more. You can also find unique frames and materials. Below are tips to help you choose glasses that match your style:

Find Glasses for Your Skin Undertone

Identifying your skin undertones can help you determine the ideal style of glasses to gravitate towards. Your skin tone can be warm, cool, or neutral. Warm tones feature green and yellow undertones.

People with olive skin or green veins below the skin fall under this category. If the veins appear bluish, your skin tone falls in the cool category. Neutral skin tones fall between warm and cool. Hazel eyes are in this category as well.

If you have a warm skin tone, dark reds, corals, deep greens, and honey are among the top frame colors to purchase. You can find bold colors, patterns, and fashionable tortoise shell glasses. Avoid bright pink and lavender.

If you have a cool skin undertone, choose emerald, ice blue, pink, deep purple, and bright white. These colors are warmer and help to balance your cool skin undertones. Stay away from metallic reds and greens to avoid appearing to have a red tone.

People with neutral skin tones can wear almost any color. Purple, brown, gold, and silver are the best and offer balanced hues that complement most color palettes. Avoid oversaturated colors, and choose bright colors with light shades.

Finding the right glasses for your skin tone involves balancing the colors. If your skin tone is warmer, choose cooler colors for contrast. Experiment with different styles like cat-eye, tortoise shell, aviator, and square.

Choose Glasses for Your Clothes/Closet

When purchasing glasses, assess your closet and clothes to identify a theme. You can choose bright primary colors or soft pastels and muted earthy tones. Go through your wardrobe to determine a starting point for finding matching glasses. The goal is to create harmony between your clothes and glasses.

You can find analogous colors for your glasses if you prefer wearing one color tone. A good example is chartreuse and mustard to match your yellow outfits.

You can choose complementary colors that directly oppose each other. If you have blue outfits, orange is a great complementary color. Remember to match the glasses with accessories. You can use the color wheel to help you determine analogous and complementary colors.

Pair your glasses with earrings, bracelets, or watches. The goal is to match your eyeglass frames to your closet. You can make the glasses pop or stand out as a wardrobe accessory.

Look into personal styles and chic fashions that work. Examples include hipster, classic, vintage, and low bridge. You can try the glasses online to determine if they complement your face and outfits.

Leading eyewear shops offer intuitive software that allows you to try out glasses virtually. The results are close to how the glasses look when you wear them. You can find unique styles, colors, and patterns that match your wardrobe and accessories.

Find Matches for Your Face Shape

Your face shape can help determine which glasses and frames to choose. If your face is round, look for square or rectangular eyeglasses. They tend to be wider, making your face appear slimmer and longer. Avoid rimless, round, small frames because they make your face look even rounder.

If you have an oval face, choose geometric glasses with a strong bridge wider than the broadest part of your face. Avoid oversized glasses that cover more of your face.

If you have a square face, choose eyeglasses that sit high on the bridge to soften the angularity. Oval and round glasses can provide the right balance and create a thinner appearance. Avoid angular, boxy glasses and frames that draw more attention to your angular features.

Those with diamond faces can choose cat-eye glasses and oval frames. Go for glasses that are wider than your cheekbone. Avoid boxy and narrow frames that highlight the width of your cheeks.

If you have a heart-shaped face, wear glasses that balance the forehead width with the narrow chin area. Low-set temples with bottom-heavy frame lines are the ideal choice.

You can also choose round and square glasses with curved edges to draw attention away from the broad, high forehead. Avoid decorative temples, embellished tops, and colors/frames that highlight the forehead area.

Try Tortoise Shell Glasses Today

Tortoise shell glasses are the trendy choice for the modern nostalgic. The plush hippo glasses feature unique patterns that mimic the natural shell of a turtle/tortoise.

You can find classic gold and honey or choose from different colors, including purple, blue, and green. Tortoise shell eyeglasses come in various styles, so that you can find oval, square, rectangular, geometric, cat-eye, and oversized.

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