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European Luxury Cars Lease Deals in New York

Luxury cars from Europe cannot leave any driver indifferent, and even the constantly rising prices do not make fans feel disappointed. A high-end vehicle is a special level, a special mood, and that is completely crazy, that awakens dreams. True connoisseurs use all opportunities to own or at least to drive such a car, including loan and leasing.

In fact, the latter option seems to be even more tempting. For example, a Ferrari lease costs you significantly less than its purchase, for example, although it will not get you for nothing. So, the benefit is clear. We will also try to prove this on the top five European luxury car offers presented by Grand Prix Motors, a large leasing company from Brooklyn.

1.Audi A7

This luxury liftback (or perhaps you prefer a sedan?) excites the imagination thanks to an even more daring optics, sculpted flying lines, and crazy charisma that leaves fans no chance to switch to any other car. Interior and performance are top notch, and all are available for lease for $896 per month only!

2.BMW 5 series

A car maker from Bavaria, Germany, knows both luxury and drive. The splendor of the fifth series sedans available in gasoline, diesel, and PHEV configurations, an impressive 260-horsepower three-liter engine and a luxurious cabin can be leased for two years and for about $900 monthly payment!

3.Porsche Macan

This compact crossover SUV is still regarded as a sample of sophisticated European luxury. Its captivating shapes and legendary optics allude to true aristocracy, and huge wheels and massive front grille give out a sporty character.

Acceleration to 60 mph in just 5 minutes along with a carefully controlled and smooth ride promises an unforgettable experience from the first seconds behind the wheel. Of course, driving a gorgeous Macan will hardly cost you just a couple of dollars, but the monthly payment of $920 that GP Motors offers seems like a real gift from heaven for this treasure!

4.Jaguar XF

Though Jaguar lease deals can hardly be called pop stars, the connoisseurs of his British charm were, are, and will be on its side. XF, the brand’s famous sedan, can be a clear example. Personifying the fundamental luxury of the Old World, it promises splendid interior, upscale materials, and a recognizable soft ride for $899 a month – and it’s worth it!

5.Mercedes-Benz CLS

One can hardly imagine any rating of luxury European cars without this legend. Its quality richness, extreme power, and plush ride remained unsurpassed, as the design featuring a mix of splendor and sports did. Leasing this charismatic car at $1,190 per month is a gift as well!

European car manufacturers offer a lot of luxury vehicles that can be leased via reliable leasing companies in New York. Turning to a broker with a good record is a great solution, as driving a sleek car becomes much easier, both physically and financially!

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