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5 Best CRM for WhatsApp and Instagram in 2024

It’s 2024, and if we’ve learned anything in the past few years, social media platforms like WhatsApp and Instagram are here to rule forever. Businesses, most importantly, need to establish a presence on these conversational platforms if they want to progress. These channels facilitate two-way communication with customers, and a company can optimize this interaction through the right CRM for WhatsApp and Instagram integration.

It can monitor messages, create engaging content, and inform customers of useful information. CRM tools with Instagram and WhatsApp integration are two of the most potent stepping stones toward business growth. So, in this article, we’ll take you through the 5 best ones that can help you strengthen customer relationships like never before.

How Can WhatsApp and Instagram CRM Integration Boost Your Business?

Wondering why you need a WhatsApp and Instagram CRM integration for your business? Here are the main three reasons:

Increases Customer Service Accessibility

You can improve your presence on WhatsApp and Instagram by engaging in social tracking, listening, and getting online alerts through this integration so that you can respond to customers accordingly.

Improves Brand Awareness

With everyone using social media these days, you can grow your brand awareness and shape a positive perception by using this integration to control conversations related to your brand. 

Offers Real-Time Insights

You can gain real-time insights into your customer demographics and understand people’s attitudes toward your brand. The right CRM for WhatsApp can help you become aware of who your prospective customers are.

Top 5 CRM Tools with WhatsApp and Instagram Integration

WhatsApp and Instagram are two of the most used social media platforms, and if you want to improve your business growth through the same, here are the top 5 CRM integrations you can rely upon. 


Allow your team to connect with customers on the most important channels like WhatsApp and Instagram with minimal effort and maximum efficiency through Kommo’s integrated CRM. You can gain big-picture insights into customers and learn more about their buying journey. It enables businesses to capture conversations from Instagram comments, stories, and Instagram Direct and manage them conveniently.

You can gain deeper insight into your customers and create targeted advertising and outreach. Businesses can use a unified platform to respond to customer messages and increase their sales and revenue. One can also centralize leads from all sources, launch at-scale messaging campaigns, set goals, and measure WhatsApp performance.

Key Features:

  • Offers different types of Instagram DM inboxes based on accessibility, volume, integration support, automation, and privacy considerations
  • Use Kommo’s WhatsApp chatbot to automate the marketing funnel, capture new leads, and organize inbound leads.


Conversocial, as the name suggests, is a conversational social media-integrated CRM tool that allows businesses to engage in large-volume Instagram conversations, text-based communication, and live chats with customers conveniently.

The seamless WhatsApp for business integration of this tool offers enhanced sales and marketing solutions with the company of human agent-based customer engagement and AI-powered bots. This intelligent Instagram and WhatsApp integrated platform can assist you in delivering a superior customer experience.

Key Features:

  • Combine team management workflows with intelligent prioritization with this cloud-based tool.
  • Gain insights and engage in sentiment scoring and social listening by monitoring WhatsApp and Instagram channels.


Sparkcentral’s CRM for WhatsApp and Instagram is an AI-powered and cloud-based tool that allows you to manage, design, and scale your customer conversations, optimizing the customer experience delivered by your firm. You can consolidate all your customer conversations into one platform and use chatbots to streamline your messages.

While you can automate responses to save time, you can also improve the quality of the responses, making them more natural and empathetic by prioritizing, automating, and triaging the same in real time. This seamless integration enables your team to gain all the required context and a full view of the customer to offer a better and more personal customer experience.

Key Features:

  • Use engagement reporting to track your team’s performance and improve your growth.
  • Use Sparkcentral’s unified dashboard to view all your customer conversations.


Gladly is an ambitious WhatsApp and Instagram CRM platform with a radical approach that offers an all-in-one solution for businesses of all kinds. From companies like TUMI to Jetblue, many established firms rely on this tool due to its client-centric features, which are highly convenient to use and adapt.

You can engage in lifelong conversations with customers on Instagram and WhatsApp by accessing the retained case history to curate a unique customer experience based on the available data. This tool has helped many companies boost revenue through the years while saving costs and building business loyalty. Its suite of AI-driven tools with features like Hero AI replies can help boost agent productivity significantly.

Key Features:

  • Deliver personalized customer service that is agent-assisted with Gladly Hero.
  • Automate conversations and personalize self-service with Gladly Sidekick


Sprinklr is a WhatsApp and Instagram-integrated CRM platform renowned for being the first unified office in the world for modern channels. You can handle all your Instagram and WhatsApp customer service workflow in a single comprehensive platform to boost your company’s efficiency and marketing efforts. From handling customer requests and queries to increasing engagement initiatives, you can rely on this AI-driven tool for its effectiveness.

You can also collaborate with your teams and improve your in-house communication. This tool also allows you to reduce risks through account-level governance and per-missioning, which enables you to build a global compliance framework. You can use this for establishing on-brand compliance and preventing off-brand responses and conversations.

Key Features:

  • This CRM for WhatsApp and Instagram allows you to filter non-engageable messages and helps you save time.
  • Use the Publisher Console to plan, publish, and track your performance

Final Thoughts

In today’s age, integrating your WhatsApp and Instagram channels with a reliable CRM platform is a non-negotiable necessity. Without the right CRM for WhatsApp, it might be difficult for you to manage your customer relationships. Enhance your brand’s reputation and increase customer loyalty with the effective integrated tools mentioned above.

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